5 Easy Steps You Can Take To Avoid Bonus Abuse

If you’ve never claimed a no deposit bonus before, you’ve probably not even heard of ‘bonus abuse.’

However, if you intend to claim one, you need to understand it. 

Not understanding what it means and how it applies may lead to you accidentally losing your bonus – which is, of course, frustrating. 

We’ve summarized it below in 5 easy steps.

Bonus Abuse Defined

“Bonus abuse” is hard to describe because it might not be a single thing you do. 

In fact, when casinos look at how you play, they may notice a pattern that qualifies as “bonus abuse.” 

It can therefore be a bit of a vague term, but it is absolutely necessary. 

Around the time that no deposit bonuses became more popular, players figured out they could make more than one account, claim multiple welcome bonuses, and have an unlimited number of free chances to win real money. 

Without protection from these players, casinos can easily go bankrupt by offering a bonus. 

Casinos have found a way around this by keeping track of what a player does and looking for patterns that indicate that a player may be using a bonus with bad intentions.  

Since then, casinos have been strict on how you can and can’t use their bonuses.

Actions That Might Count As Bonus Abuse

  • Huge Bets – Bonuses usually have a maximum bet size.
  • Multiple Accounts – You can only have one account per household/IP address.
  • Multiple Bonuses – You can only claim one welcome bonus at the same casino. 
  • Ineligible Games – You can only play games on the eligible games list. 
  • Immediate Withdrawals – Real money can only be won with a casino bonus once you satisfy a number of terms and conditions.

How To Avoid Bonus Abuse In 5 Steps

To avoid bonus abuse, all you have to do is follow the rules. 

We’ll go over the most important rules you need to be aware of below:

#1. Acceptable Wagers

With most welcome bonuses you can only bet within a predetermined range of value.

Making large wagers is therefore not allowed.

Players looking to abuse bonuses will usually place large wagers, or go “all in,” in an attempt to quickly fulfill the wagering requirements and win real cash.

Authentic players – who don’t intend to claim the bonus multiple times – are usually more cautious and take the opportunity more seriously.

So when you go to use your free spins or bonus credits, we recommend you place wagers below the maximum bet size limit. This will ensure you don’t draw attention to yourself.

#2. Sign Up With Your Real Information

Singing up to a casino is similar to signing up to any online service.

However, because of the amounts of cash held by a casino, they have to be very careful when it comes to withdrawals.

Before you can withdraw your bonus winnings, you may have to provide the casino with documentation that verifies you as the owner of the account.

Obviously, if you do not sign up using your real details, you will not be able to provide accurate documentation.

The casino is also likely to suspect you have lied because you have multiple accounts and may lock your account.

The documentation you may be required to provide includes:

  • Drivers license.
  • Passport.
  • Utility bills.

#3. Only Make One Account

You can only have one account per player and per household.

If you make more than one account, your casino will suspect you are attempting to get more than one bonus.

Even if you’re not, it looks like you’re up to something.

Casinos will keep track of your IP address to make sure you don’t try to sign up for more than one account.

It is also prudent to stay away from public wifi domains or get a family member from the same house to play at the same casino as you.

#4: Only Get One Welcome Bonus

Each player can only ever claim a single welcome bonus at the same casino. Once you are an existing player, you get to claim existing player promotions.

This mistake should be very easy to avoid.

While you can’t claim more than one welcome bonus at the same casino, there are 100’s of casinos and 100’s of welcome bonuses. Simply claim another welcome bonus at a different casino.

#5. Make Sure You WIll Enjoy The Bonus

At first, it may seem like there is no real connection between a player enjoying a bonus and the risk of committing bonus abuse.

But there is.

Casinos are always on the lookout for certain patterns of activity that bonus abusers tend to follow.

Players that enjoy their bonuses – i.e. they claim a bonus because they want to play a particular game – by definition do not follow these patterns.

Top Tip

Expert Tip: Read The Terms & Conditions Carefully

Even if it’s not technically “bonus abuse,” breaking the terms and conditions can have the same effect as abusing a bonus.

Even if you break the rules by accident, your bonus can be taken away.

Some important T&Cs to know about are:

  • Wagering Requirements – Before you can cashout a bonus you have to stake your bonus value multiple times.
  • Time Limits – Bonuses will expire after a pre-set length of time.
  • Max Bonus Conversion – No deposit bonuses only let you withdraw a portion of what you win up to a maximum value.

It’s important that you know these rules and follow them while you’re playing with a welcome bonus.

To Conclude

What we recommend above all when it comes to avoiding bonus abuse is to read the terms and conditions. 

By reading the T&Cs, you are overwhelmingly likely to avoid bonus abuse. 

Another key tip we can give you is to use our lists here at NoDeposit.Guide

Our lists provide you with safe bonuses at reputable casinos. Moreover, they provide you with 100’s of them, which means you never have to claim more than one welcome bonus or set up multiple accounts.

Published on: 2022/12/09

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