How To Profit From Free Casino Bonuses

If you didn’t already know, you can play at online casinos for free with no deposit bonuses

These bonuses are unique because they give you a genuine chance of winning real cash – but it’s not easy. 

In this article, we’re going to supply you with a number of tips that you can use to boost your chances.

What Are Free Casino Bonuses?

Free casino bonuses are more commonly called no deposit bonuses.

You don’t have to pay to get this kind of bonus, and it gives you an opportunity to win real cash. 

A no-deposit bonus is just what it sounds like: you don’t have to make a deposit to get it. 

All that is required is that your provide a few details including:

  • Name 
  • Email Address 
  • D.O.B

Different Kinds Of Free Casino Bonus

If you want to play for free with a casino bonus, you should know what kinds are available. 

We’ll tell you about both of them below:

Regular No Deposit Bonus

With a typical no deposit bonus you’ll be given bonus credits. These credits can only be used at the casino. 

You can’t cash them out until you meet the terms and conditions.


  • Decent Value – You’ll get somewhere between $10 to $50 in bonus credit.
  • No Risk – You don’t have to risk your own money with no deposit bonuses.
  • Withdraw Winnings – You can withdraw a portion of your winnings if you meet the T&Cs.
  • Game Variety – You’ll be able to enjoy many different types of casino games, including slots, keno, bingo and sometimes table games.


  • Bonus Rules – T&Cs govern how you can use the bonus and when you can withdraw your winnings.

Free Spins With No Deposit

Free spins with no deposit will credit your account with a number of free spins between 10 and 50 free spins. 

Again, no deposit is required, no financial information has to be shared, and you can win real cash by fulfilling the T&Cs. 

Free spins will only be valid on one slot game or a handful of slot games. 

 you sign up, a no deposit free spins bonus will add a certain number of free spins to your account. 

Your free spins will only work on a single slot game or a small number of slots.


  • Decent Value – Most no deposit free spins bonuses will give you between 10 and 50 free spins.
  • No Risk – You don’t have to risk your own funds.
  • Withdraw Winnings – You can withdraw a portion of your winnings if you meet the T&Cs.
  • Popular Slots – The slots you’ll be allowed to play will be among the most popular at the casino.


  • Bonus Rules – The slots you can play and how much you have to wager before withdrawing is governed by the T&Cs.

5 Steps For Winning Real Money With Free Bonuses

It’s not easy to win real money with free bonuses. 

No in-game strategy will help. (And please don’t listen to anyone that claims otherwise). 

The key to winning real money with a free bonus is by selecting the most favorable bonus. 

We’ll show you how to spot them:

#1. Make Sure The Wagering Requirements Are Low

The simplest way to get a favorable no deposit bonus is to prioritize bonuses with low wagering requirements.

Basically, the wagering requirements tell you how much you need to stake before you can withdraw your winnings.

Let’s illustrate how it works:

Imagine you have to choose between two no deposit bonuses.

  • Bonus A is worth $10 and has wagering requirements of 30x.
  • Bonus B is worth $10 and has wagering requirements of 80x.

Whereas with Bonus A you’d only have to stake ($10 x 30) $300 before you could withdraw your bonus winnings, with Bonus B you’d have to stake ($10 x 80) $800.

From our example it’s clear that the wagering requirements have an enormous impact on your chances.

Our recommendation is that you should only consider no deposit bonuses with wagering requirements around 10s and 40x.

That’s a huge difference.

#2: Play The Right Game

The eligible game is another thing you should think about.

Ideally, you want your bonus to be eligible on a slot with a low volatility and a high return to player (RTP).

Here’s why:

  • High RTP – RTP is an acronym for Return to Player, which basically indicates how much a slot returns to players. For example, a slot with an RTP of 92% will return 92% of all wagers to players of the slot. What needs to be remembered with RTP is that it is calculated over what may as well be an infinite number of spins. In the short-term, then, it isn’t a great indicator of your chances.
  • Low Volatility – You can think of volatility as a synonym of ‘risk.’ For instance, a high volatility slot poses a high risk that you will lose your bet.

Volatility is a good short term indicator of how your gambling session will play out. High volatility slots offer fewer wins of a larger value, low volatility slots offer more wins of a lower value.

When you combine high RTP and low volatility, you can keep your bankroll going in the short term and improve your chances of making money in the long term.

If you keep consistently wagering your bonus (and you are lucky), you should eventually see the benefits of picking the right slot game.

Extra Tip: Don’t Play Table Games!

We have a bit of sad news: table games and no deposit bonuses are not compatible.

While many no deposit bonuses will let you play table games, it will not be without a significant reduction in their ‘game weighting percentages.’

This is a rule used to re-balance the favorable odds of table games.

So, say for instance that you want to play blackjack with your no deposit bonus.

The odds of blackjack are the highest of any casino game, which means under normal circumstances you are more likely to win real cash playing blackjack than any other casino game,

To counter this, your casino will lower the amount of your stake that goes towards the wagering requirements (the ‘game weighting percentage) to somewhere between 0-20%.

Let’s say your bonus sets blackjack’s weighting at 4%.

If you were then to wager $100 on blackjack using your bonus, only $4 would go towards the wagering requirements.

Ultimately, it makes winning real money on no deposit blackjack almost impossible.

#3: Calculate The EV (Expected Value)

If you’re particularly serious about finding the best bonus, a good trick to learn is how to work out the EV of a bonus.

EV is a mathematical formula that you can use to find out if a bonus is likely to be profitable.

Working out the EV of a casino bonus requires you to record 3 variables:

  • Value Of The Bonus – The amount of bonus credits or money you win using your free spins.
  • Wagering Requirements – The total amount you must bet before you are allowed to cash out.
  • House Edge – The advantage the casino has compared to your chances of winning.

Once these have been recorded, you can then assemble them into the following equation:

EV = Bonus Value (in $) – Wagering Requirements (in $) x House-Edge (in %)

If a bonus is likely to make money, its EV will be positive. If it’s not likely to make money, its EV will be negative.

Let’s provide you with an example:

Let’s say you ask for a bonus with these variables:

  • Value Of The Bonus – $40
  • Wagering Requirements – (10 x $40) $400
  • House Edge – 2%

You can then assemble them into the prior equation as so:

Bonus Value ($40) – Wagering Requirements ($400) x House-Edge (2% / 0.02) = EV (-7.2)

Due to the EV of this bonus being negative, the bonus isn’t likely to make you money.

#4. Use Your Bonus Immediately

This rule is not as hard to understand as the others.

There is an expiration date for no-deposit bonuses. Most bonuses end between 2 and 7 days after they are given out.

It is important to bet all of your bonus money right away. If not, you won’t be able to meet the requirements in time.

#5: Claim Bonuses At Different Casinos

Claiming more than one free casino bonus is a smart way to increase your chances of making a profit.

If one doesn’t work, try another.

You will get there in the end.

Please keep in mind, though, that you can only get one bonus per casino.

We also recommend you only use one bonus at a time.

If you try to use two no deposit bonuses at the same time, you are more likely to let one of them expire without giving it the time and attention it needs.

Top Tip

Bonus Tip – Check Out Our Exclusive No Deposit Bonuses

As we have implied, the T&Cs of your no deposit bonus can have a big effect on how likely you are to win.

Luckily for you, we negotiate directly with the best online casinos for exclusive no deposit bonuses.

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A Final Verdict

As we’ve already said, the only way to make money with a casino bonus is to optimize the way you play. 

The chances of making money are higher if you do things carefully.

Even though winning real cash with a no deposit bonus will always be hard, the fact that you can claim 100’s of no deposit bonuses makes it a surmountable challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! No deposit bonuses allow you to win real money. Before you can withdraw, however, you have to meet the bonus rules.

We recommend you play slots, regardless of the other games you are allowed to play, with your no deposit bonus.

Ideally, the slot you choose to play will have a low volatility and a high RTP. Check out our section entitled Play The Right Game for more information.

You can only claim one bonus from the same casino.

However, you can claim as many no deposit bonuses as you like, providing they are offered by different casinos.

If you go to our No Deposit Bonuses page, you can find out about 100’s of free bonuses at the best online casinos.

We can’t say, exactly. Usually bonus credit allows you to play a wider variety of games. However, if you want to make a profit the best game to play is slot games.

A good rule to follow is to simply claim whichever no deposit bonus has the lowest wagering requirements and the one that will be most fun.

No, but most of them do. Offering new players a free trial is a common marketing strategy.

Not always, no. Most no-deposit bonuses are now given to you automatically when you register with a casino. Though sometimes you might even have to check a box or choose from a list to get the bonus you want.

We feature all of our bonus codes in our list on our no deposit bonuses page.

Yes, you can play at the best online casinos on your phone. You can use your mobile device to sign up, get a bonus, and cash out your winnings.

Published on: 2023/01/13

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