’s Privacy Policy

We believe in complete user protection. All information is kept secure. will not share any information. This is our privacy policy.

Protecting our users’ privacy is at the top of our list of commitments. We, at, will spell out the steps we take to do so in this Privacy Policy below.

If you have any questions or enquiries about this policy, we urge you to contact us as [email protected] and we’ll be happy to clarify things.

Below we will explain how manages, collects and uses your information.

Q: Which information is collected by

There are several types of information that is collected when you visit

  • Unidentified + non-identifiable information: Gathered by when you use our services and interact with the site. We cannot identify the user from this data collected.
  • Technical information: We collect information transmitted to our computer using third party analytical cookies. Technical info collected includes data about hardware and software, language preference, domain name, browser types, etc. This information is used to enhance the functionality of services of our site.
  • Service use: We will collect information such as user activity, the amount of time you spend at online sites, online browsing and other actions. We make sure that this information is anonymized so that you cannot be personally identified.
  • Individually identifiable information: This data can identify you as an individual. It’s collected when you sign up for our marketing newsletters or email alerts. You will provide your email address, and your information will thus be available to us. Identifying data will also be provided if you use the Live Chat feature or if you choose to register on the site’s membership page. We will collect connection details and device data.

Q: Does use cookies?

Yes. In order to gather, store and track information, we use cookies and other web analysis tools when you use our services.

We will use these cookies – pieces of information stored on your computer relating to your visit to our website – for all different purposes and to improve your user experience on our site. Cookies allow you to navigate pages on our website more efficiently, for example and will remember your preferences for future visits.

Types of cookies used:

  • Session Cookies: Temporarily stored cookies that are deleted when you exit your browser.
  • Persistent Cookies: Saved on your computer for a fixed period of time. Used to let us know who you are when you visit our site repeatedly. Not deleted from your browser when you exit your browser
  • Third Party Cookies: Installed by other websites such as Google, Clicky and other third-party analytics companies who will monitor your interaction with our site.

While you may remove or disable cookies, you may find that some services will not work properly as a result, and the quality of your gaming experience quality may be compromised.

Besides the above cookies, may also run other technologies such as widgets and beacons. The intention is to collect non-personal data that is linked to your browsing habits.

Q: How does use the information collected? is committed to using the information collected under the strictest letter of the law. We will only use your personal data when it is necessary for our interests or the interests of our third-party partners, as long as your rights are not compromised. We will also use your personal details when you have given us specific consent to do so.  Before we send third-party marketing communication to you by email, we will ask for your consent. If you’d like to withdraw this consent, you may do so at any time.

Personal data and non-personal data are used to:

  • Provide services to you
  • Communicate with you and answer any queries/questions that you my have about
  • Provide support and troubleshooting services
  • To improve our business strategy
  • To keep you updated with important information
  • To conduct anonymous analytics to improve our services
  • To test changes made on our site

Q: What is your policy on sharing personal information?

The manner in which we share your personal information is set out in this privacy policy. If not noted in this policy, will not trade, share or use the information in any other way.

In some circumstances, we will transfer or disclose personal information to third parties.

Cases include:

  • When the third party is part of the comptroller’s group
  • For analytics and website performance purposes
  • In cases of acquisition, sale or merger of the company. The information will then be showed to prospective buyers or vendors.
  • Third party marketing service providers for the purpose of website performance.

Your personal information will be well-protected by the measures set in place by the third parties. will not give permission for third party service providers to use your personal data for their own purposes. Your data will only be allowed to be processed for specific purposes and only if we permit it.

We will, in good faith, disclose personal information to third parties if we believe that it:

  • Complies with local regulations
  • To investigate or prevent illegal activities such as suspected fraud
  • To help defend ourselves in the event of legal claims
  • To collaborate with law enforcement authorities

Q: How does keep my information safe and transfer it in a secure manner? is proud of the industry standard policies (such as Secure Socket Layer technology) that we have in place to ensure the safety of your information, as well as to ensure that your personal information is not used in an unauthorized manner. is a global operation, and your personal information may be transferred to countries that do not form part of the European Union.  If the laws of the country to which your data is transferred are not as comprehensive as those covered by the EU, we will take all the necessary steps to keep your information as secure as possible.  

For example, we may make use of European Commission-approved contracts that have been adapted for use outside the EU borders. Having said that, we will not transfer the personal information to countries that cannot prove that they provide high levels of protection such as Europe does.

In circumstances that require us to transfer information to the United States, we will have the third party sign the Privacy Shield that provides similar protection as EU laws.

If is involved in a corporate transaction (such as sale of the business, merger, consolidation, etc.), we may share personal information. The acquiring company will then take over the rights and obligations of this privacy policy.

We have strict security measures in place to minimize the risk of your personal data being lost, unlawfully used or accessed.  Access to your information is limited to only those employees and contractors who need it. All of our partners work under the strict confidentiality contracts.

In the rare event that our website experiences a suspected security breach, you will be immediately notified, as will the authorities and regulators.

We are always open to hearing your concerns, and if you feel that your personal information was compromised and not handled within the scope of this privacy policy, we urge you to contact us directly at [email protected].

Q: How long does NoDeposit.Guide retain the collected information? knows how important it is that visitors feel that they are in control of their personal data. As such, if you ever feel that you want us to change or update your information, or if you feel that you want us to erase the information altogether, please don’t hesitate to contact us.’s retention policy dictates that the personal information will be retained in our database, unless you specifically instruct us otherwise.

Data retention timelines are determined by a number of factors, including the nature of the personal data, the volume of the information, the purposes for which the data is required and others.

Certain data retention may also be a requirement by law authorities, and in that case, we cannot erase it, even if you make a direct request.

Q: Which rights do I have regarding my personal information?

  • You may request access to the information
  • You may request that we correct your information
  • You may request that we transfer your information
  • You may object to processing your information
  • You may request that we erase your information
  • You may request that the data is restricted
  • You may withdraw consent for to use your data, even if you gave it to us originally.

You won’t be charged a fee to access your personal data. If we feel that your requests are unfounded or excessive, we may refuse to comply.

If you request to access your personal data, is obliged to confirm your identity as a security measure. This is only done to protect your data and prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access.

We endeavor to respond to your requests within one month, however, this may take longer.

Minors under the age of 18 may NOT access services, and we are not authorized to collect any information from them.  If we are made aware that the information that was collected is that of a minor, we will immediately discard it.

If you believe that was accessed by a minor, please inform us immediately.

At our sole discretion, this privacy policy may be updated from time to time. We do not need to advise users if this is done, however we commit to posting the latest version of the privacy policy on our website.